The planet Sumeru is an old and strange world. It is the fourth planet from its star, and is orbited by a single moon which has a unique purple-ish hue.

Sumeru is home to numerous forms of life including one of the universe’s many iterations of humanity, dragons, elves, dwarves, Naga, Lizard-folk and Orcs (and many subsets of those species).

It has a long history of strange magic and interactions with meta-realities such as the Outer Planes, and strange inter-dimensional spaces. Sumeru’s current state of technological progress is best described as somewhat anachronistic from the perspective of an outside observer. Though steam remains consistently unharnessed gunpowder has just begun to come into its own. Steel is common-place, and has been for generations and whilst there is no unified scholarly learning across the planet, striving in their different directions many of the races have attained great knowledge and power.

Physically speaking Sumeru has several unusual features which would mark it out as unique among the cosmos’s living worlds – such as a severe axial gyration that ensures that the northernmost pole is permanently in shadow and the southernmost pole is permanently in light. The reason for this axial gyration is a massive impact crater in the northern hemisphere. This massive impact crater has been the subject of much scholarly speculation among the races of this world, with legends and theories of battles between Gods, and further theories of ancient fallen moons. The truth, simply, is that many millions of years ago something smashed into Sumeru hard enough to shake the planet to its core. Whilst many worlds would simply have gone extinct from such a blow someone or something used great powers to ensure its survival. To the best knowledge available to the most learned whatever that was has been lost or hidden where no-one can find it. All agree that this is probably for the best.

Sumeru possesses five continents. It used to possess only four, but the largest continent was split by the great crater. The vast landmass of the planet is concentrated in the continent of Rodinu, and its sub-continents Ascar and Baharat. The remaining two have no name as among the scholars of the world, one is known only in legend and the other is simply The Land of Night; the Northernmost and thus permanently dark landmass. For ease of reference, these will be referred to as The Far Land and The Roof Of The World.

The planets moon is known as Vena, and little is known of its surface conditions aside from the curious purple-ish hue and that it is bigger, at least in appearance, than many other satellites of this type.

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