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The World
- Sumeru
- Rodinu
- Baharat – A Traveller’s Guide
- Erehwon
- Ascar, Realm of Dragons
- Farlands – notes found in a bottle
- The Great Ocean

- The Rules Of Magic And The Planes
- The Nine Legendary Weapons
- The Ancient Shadow

The Lands of Sumeru
- The Holy Empire of the Unconquered Sun
- The Elven Holdfast

The Various Theories Of Cleric Kimiko
A Theoretical Study Extrapolating The Nature Of Kitsune Divinity On The Marked Of Kurama
A Consideration Of The Kumiho As A Social Animal And The Implications Of Such A Phenomenon

Diego’s Scrapbook
- Diego’s Dueling List

Caitlin’s Letters
- A Letter To Mrs Laurant

GM note: all NPC characters on the character page that have completed stats will also have them hidden because you do not know them in character, they aren’t actually extant in the universe in the form of AC and will saves etc, and will only really be important for me. i need to know your stats so i can set decent challenges that are fun and dramatic, you need to figure out the enemy stats to beat those challenges. if you want to add notes about what you have figured out or believe, please do.

Main Page

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