The Nine Legendary Weapons

Throughout sumeru, tales abound of the Nine Legendary Weapons, ancient artifacts of tremendous power. Many copies of these weapons have been made, intended to emulate the power of the original but rarely to as strong an effect.

in mechanical terms, all of the originals are major artifacts, any of thier copies are either high level magic items or minor artifacts

The Nine Legendary Weapons and Their Purported Locations

Diamond Mind

The legendary sword of the Crystal City purportedly constructed from raw willpower forged with magic. It is believed to be capable of piercing all illusion and enchantment, and capable of projecting prismatic magic. Diamond Mind is said to reside somewhere in its ruins within an extra dimensional space. copies are known as Diamond Shards.


A rapier forced from the hand of the Elven Ice Prince Illwinter, this weapon is said to chill the heart of anyone who carries it so they no longer feel remorse, fear or sorrow. it can also summon powerful blasts and constructs of ice, and is said to reside within a palace in the mountains. Copies are known as Illwinter’s Sons


The first black blade of the Magi ever devised, said to be hidden in the vaults under the Queens Palace in the Dark Elf city of Kirinax. It is said that the reason that black blades carry shards of their carriers is because the wielder of this first blade, Zizarine, was imprisoned within the sword by Queen Beshar. Technically all black blades are copies.

The Sunspear

The spear of the prophet Ciro, the first paladin, this holy weapon resides in the Grand Cathedral in the Capital of the Empire. It is purported to be able to carve through any evil and light the darkness wherever it goes. Copies are used by paladins occasional and are known as Brightspears.

The First Morningstar

A powerful weapon used by an ancient dwarven warlord, the First Morningstar is said to be stained with the blood of thousands of warriors, kings, princes, soldiers and innocents. it is said that it can never be stopped, no matter what obstacle is in its path, and will shatter any shields placed in its way that is not also an Artifact. Copies are found occasionally and are known as Morning-Lights

The Greatbow

The Greatbow of the hunt is wielded by the Daemon Prince Fangor, Lord of the Hunt, who’s son and hound is Fenrir. The weapon cannot miss and fires bolts of red lightning rather than arrows, never running out of amunition. Copies of the weapon are known as Redbows.

The Kogitsune-Maru

Forged by Inari herself for a champion through the greatest Kitsune blacksmith, this weapon is a deadly short blade that can render its wielder completely undetectable for a short time, as well as always striking first in combat. It is kept within the indestructible Shoguns Keep in Erewhon and can only be removed under special circumstances. Copies are sometimes distributed, and are called Cunning Kits.

The Shadow Hand

Crafted by an unknown hand, the Shadow Hand is an utterly ancient wand that can project bolts of shadow, summon hideous shadow demons and render its user shadowy. It resides on the shadow plane within the Restless Sepulcher, a dark building constantly in motion over the planes of that place. all Shadow dancers are said to be sons and daughters of the Sepulcher.

The Archmages Staff

A staff created by the very first true wizard, Thoth of the Sands, this magical weapon is the conurbation of the magical knowledge of dozens of races and beings, from the power of the sorcerer clans to the ancient knowledge of dragons. It is located in the Archive of Ages, an extra dimensional tomb of forbidden knowledge, and its copies are known as staves of the magi.

The Nine Legendary Weapons

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