Baharat - A Traveller's Guide

I have been to many places in my life, from the noble cities of the West to the Celestial courtrooms of the East, but I have rarely seen sights so beautiful as the glorious cities and temples and palaces of the royal Naga and their worshipers. But in this account, my humble reader, I have chosen to extend to you the knowledge of the most beautiful of its natural sights. As wonderous as its cities are they are covered in great detail in my other works, so without further ado – the continent of Baharat.

In the Northern parts of this continent is covered in lush thick jungle that is herded through by elephants and stalked by ferocious tigers. It is a place of great beauty filled with the ruins of crumbled cities and temples swallowed by the plant life and trees. Humans are most frequent in this northern part where they grow spices and tea to sell to their Naga and Nagaji masters. The central part of the continent is a great plateau edged by mountain ranges to the south and west. On this great plateau have been fought many daring battles with terrible dragons and between the Naga’s of the jungle and the Naga’s of the mountains.

The mountains are known as a place for holy Nagaji, divine hermits who live there seeking to experience the enlightenment their Naga lords promise. But, these hermits must be content to share with their solitude the exiled Naga who displeased the true royalty, and thus have grown hateful and violent. and buried themselves in the mountainsides. Beyond the wall of the mountain range there are coastal plains that suffer from regular flooding and are home to nomadic groups – almost all of whom have never seen a single flake of snow in their lives.

~ Abdur the Traveller, and his Tales of Foreign Places (for the Caliph of Ahnkna)

Baharat - A Traveller's Guide

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