Diego De Cova

"The Finest Sword In Ramini"


Gender: Male
Race: Elf (Passing as human)
Age: 86
Height/Weight: 5.10 ft. , 120 lbs.
Class: Magus with Kensai and Bladebound archetypes.
Preferred God: Lorlei, the goddess of love and the sea, naturally.

Appearance: Diego is a slim man of average height with olive skin typical of those from the Islands along the Twin seas. He has dark brown hair tied into an excessively long ponytail, Bright hazel eyes and neatly groomed facial hair.

What small pieces of armor he wears are usually hidden beneath baggy and brightly colored duelist clothing.



Updated Bio:

Valandil as he was once know was born the first son to Elsyon, one of the magisters of the island city, Tol-Maranil and head of its military affairs. Throughout all of his early childhood Valendil faced an overbearing amount of pressure to do the clan proud. He was given a strict education of politics, military history, magical theory and swordplay to which he unfortunately excelled at none.

He did however excel at Rule breaking, often caught thieving, associating with the lower class or swimming in the many canals of Tol-Maranil. The harsh punishments only served to further separate Valendil from his family and by age 11 his father had given up. Elyson decided a fresh start was in order and had a second son. Having been discarded by father and clan with no means of gaining their love again, Valendil fled his home and took the family blade with him.

Over the following years Valandil made his way across the width and length of Rodinu, tagging along with any travelers that would accept him. It was during the years he spent with a travelling circus that ignited his interest in performance arts, acrobatics and the more exciting side of magic. Later he would become the apprentice of a con artist named Graian Milner. Although Valan only spent a couple years with Milner before the conman sold him to a merchant across the sea, it was a period of time Diego does not regret as these lessons helped him a great deal in the years to come.

Fortunately for him, the first stop the bloated merchant made was the city of Ramini and Valandil was able to effortlessly slip into the bustling crowds of the bazaars and escape into the port city’s belly. The first few months in the gutter proved rough for the young elf, despite all the tricks he had learned on his travels, Ramini was a completely alien environment to him. Life got worse as the winter crept in, it then that the renowned swordsman, Ramirez Castillo approached him with an offer of apprenticeship.

Over the course of twenty years, the young elf boy Valandil was transformed into the Ramini swordsman, Diego De Cova. The city that once terrified him, now his haven and paradise, its people who once showed little respect toward Valan, now cheer for Diego. As far as he is concerned, this is where life truly began.

Since his completed training, Diego has been furthering himself mentally and physically by joining various privateer, smuggler and pirate crews, some more savory than others. On his travels he has seen many unusual and great sights like winged leviathans and the crystal city crater. When not on the sea, Diego offers his services as a duelist and performer. He has made quite a reputation for himself around the islands of the Twin Seas.

Recently Diego has received a grim reminder of a life he’d rather not recall. Not wanting his blood father to pass without seeing the skills his first born son had acquired without their elven teachings, Diego re-treads his footsteps from 60 years prior.

Since joining the party Diego has had a change of motives. With the awakening of his Blade and the realization that he had likely left his revenge far too late, the duelist has chosen to dedicate himself to the issues of Diego and co rather than those of the forgotten Valan.

Diego De Cova

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