Si Fractus Inlabatur Orbis, Inpauidum Ferient Ruinae.

This is a world shaking at its foundations. As it spins in the blackness of space, the great engine it drives grinds on twisting gods and men and crushing them in the teeth of destiny. You fight for what you love, for what you believe, and yet you cant stop the Wheel. in the end, all will burn, leaving only embers and ashes behind.Yet you fight on? why?

Is it because you cannot choose to do any different? or is there something you are hoping for after all of the pain? is there something in your memory that torments you? or a need deeper than your bones that pushes you on? a thing you cling to that pushes you towards the deadly light? or is it just because the wind is blowing you that way?

I suppose you’ll find out.

Embers in the Wind

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