The Holy Empire of the Unconquered Sun

The Imperial Lands

The Holy Empire of the Unconquered sun, known simply as the Empire, is the largest power on the continent of Rodinu. It spans the continent longitudinally in territory, and covers the entire western third of the same. it is considered one of the greatest nations in the history of the world, and has stood for two thousand years, with an Imperial lineage stretching back to that time.

The Empire was forged when the prophet and crusader Ciro lead a campaign in the name of the sun god Mythron and his brothers and sisters to rid the western lands of barbarians, heathen elves and the corrupt rule of the Wizard Kings. in his vast crusade against this threefold threat, he unified the people of the west in the worship of one pantheon, and righteously suppressed all other faiths in the region, baring a few declared’Innocent’ by his proclamation. subsequent to this he was kidnapped and intentionally drowned by the last remaining Ai Sidhe (the elven fanatics).

Since that time, the Church of the Pantheon of the Sun has spread through the lands of the empire and stood unchallenged as the religion of her people and government. The holy order of paladins, formed in Ciro’s image, was created to protect the Empire and the faith from all those who would do it harm, and all those who would do evil in the Empire.

The Empire is divided into several sections, known as provinces. these provinces are further divided into fiefdoms which are ruled by the just and noble lords of the realm, with some answering to Dukes who rule larger regions. each province is ruled by an Imperial Cousin, with the title of Archduke.

The Six largest provinces are the Imperial Province (home of the capital city Castrum Ecclesiae) the Province of Albiandel, west of the rivers of the Gelt and the Caldew, The province of Marrainae to the east of the Capital (and close to the border with the Elven Holdfast), The Province of Leopold to the north of that, and Further north the Province of Rus, locked in snow and ice. To the south west, the Province of Hispan produces the finest wines in all the Empire.

Asside from the provinces there are the protectorates, vast tracts of land that used to be nations before thier total subsumation, including those that used to border on the elven holdfast, like Napolis or Prolait. These also include the realm oft he Nordlanders to the north west, and the Islands of Ramini, Gioveni and Verinua.

Imperial History In brief

As previously mentioned the empire began over two thousand years ago but has changed in that time. Much of imperial history has been charted by expansion and the rule of law, the ever growing holdings of the state and its aristocracy have made the Empire among the most glorious and wealthiest in history.

The empire has been forced into wars with its neighbors several times on the grounds of heresy and immoral behavior on their parts, as well as repeated attempts to control strategic outposts on the trade-routs to the east, vital for proper trade. This has lead to many great battles and the ranks of the Imperial army has swollen well beyond the original size set by Ciro all those centuries ago. Doubtless he now smiles down upon our healthy empire, in all of its prosperity; we have exceeded what he believed we were capable of. Of this we should be proud.

But one cannot deny what has happened in the recent centuries. strife has come to the empire in the form of rebellion and civil war, and while it seems as if everything my have settled into some kind of peace, violence has become more prevalent now than ever before. Despite such horrific events as the previous High Cleric of Mythron being assassinated by immolation, We must all remember that this is not the first time our state hast trembled. we will never fall, of that we can be assured. Through our faith the Empire will remain as strong as it every could be.

The Emperor and the Imperial Family

though i only have room for a brief introduction, the highest family in the Empire should be mentioned in any document concerning the state and its great works. The current emperor of the Empire is Frederick Barbarossa, who took over after the Regent was removed from power, shortly before the Brannenburg rebellions. Emperor Barbarossa has ruled well for many years and saw and end to Brannenburg and his grab for power, as well as overseeing the church reforms that saw the Holy Curia moved from Castrum Ecclesiae to the city of Navarre.

The Future of the Empire

The Empire remains strong despite its difficulties, and clear lines of succession exist within its nobility to ensure that should disaster strike things can be remade with as little uncertainty as possible. However, one should never become complacent; as any woodsman knows the great tree has all of the appearance of strength it ever had, until it is broken in half by the storm because its rotten heart could not support it. but the Empire is not corrupt and its state is as strong as it is far reaching, so long as we who are loyal maintain a constant vigilance.

~ A History of the Empire Volume 1, Introduction, by Scholar Vizari

The Holy Empire of the Unconquered Sun

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