The Great Ocean

By thy shores, the curving swells roll up and meet the milky sky
unfettered arcs of blue, your gown decendest like a sigh
beneath the arcing swell like silk from skin as well we knew
with flesh as pale as ice ahh, who does not imagine you!

Free like seas below and out, you roll and buck
and thunder shouts! have prudish souls mistook
your waves for any else than thus, and islands there
your holy mounts of lust? is that why they do not stare?

has land left them with little flare? is it so much to state
that in all that is pleasing to man, sighting you would sate
all his fulsome appetites? this is by far the strangest thing
for on sight of you any man should stand and up and sing

Oh! away with them! to the depths of you!
they do not know what they cannot do!
they lack the rounds, the stones, the point
they are broken by the clod earth they anoint
with seeds from hand and do not plough at all
and thus no wonder their betrothed come call

Rage sweet lorlei oh rage, you cannot brake my love
I can only tell, and show you what will fit that glove

~ Ramini Traditional poem, author unknown

The Great Ocean

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