Rodinu is the largest landmass on Sumeru. It is a place of great diversity of climate and population. The northernmost portion of the continent is defined by a vast mountain range that marks the edge of the great crater. This is an extraordinarily cold location, given the planets relatively wide arctic circle but the continents climate ranges from lush forests to planes to deserts. The center most portion of the continent is fed by great freshwater lakes created be glacial melt water from the mountain range. This has created a very lush center with numerous forests and even a great jungle.

The water however in these great lakes (more like inland seas) does not extend all the way into the south of the continent which is the hottest area. This is a desert, and Rodinu’s longest river supplied the only vegetation in the desert’s heart. This desert eventually borders on the south sea known as the Sea of the Storms that lies between the sub-continents of Ascar and Baharat.

To East and West of the desert coastline and cutting the two continents off from Rodinu are the Great Twins, a pair of long straights. The western reach of Rodinu is characterised by several features. Two seas bite into the continent and open onto the Western Twin and the Great Ocean respectively. The coastline northwards of these points becomes known for its islands and fjords, and is home to hardy folk.

The Twin Seas are known as Sithix and Pelor, named for twin sea monsters said to sleep coiled in the center of each great sea. The people of this region live on tropical islands and in great coastal cities such as Ramini, and thrive on trade with Baharat (the Western of the two continents). The island chain that defines the mouth of the Twin Seas was also the home of the legendary Crystal City until its cataclysmic destruction over Two Thousand years ago.

To the North of the seas there are large areas of plains fed by water from the South and North. Some of these plains are affected by comparably regular tornadoes but most serve as the bread basket of the people who live there. At the foot of the mountains in the North the are considerable snows that are thoroughly consistent all year round. The mountains are rich in minerals drawn deep from the planet.

The crater North of the mountains broke the land so severely that it flooded, and generated a sea called The Thundering Deeps. The Eastern portion of Rodinu has no inland seas. or seas biting through it. It is mainly mountain ranages and great rivers, and is home to many peoples who divide themselves into regions. The land is not as fertile as the Western plains and so rice is more commonly consumed. In the center of the continent in a midst the great forests and jungle the elves tend many orchards and have claimed that place as theirs. Under the mountains are an uncounted number of dwarven tunnels and great halls and cities – many now empty and silent.

~ a Wizards guide to the world, for students by Alfred Pennyweather


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