Ascar, Realm of Dragons

Ascar, the land south east of Rodinu, is a place of great beauty and ferocity, and has been my home for my entire life. This savage place is known to the rest of the world as the origin place of my kind, and of many dragons. If you wish to know its ways first i must warn you; it is not a safe place in any way. and you will learn that from me here as i describe it in very brief, and laden it with all the doom my small chest can muster, and hope it is enough for even you thick-skull warmbloods to listen to.

To start with i shall describe its edges; the four costs of Ascar. these four coasts are to the north, south, east and west as one might expect, but each is very different. on the western coast, many of our towns and harbors lie, watched over by the great step-pyramids of my people, and the many armies thereof.

the southern coast boils with sea serpents and sea dragons, ferocious and wild, un-tamable and free. this coast is deadly to all shipping for it is wracked by storms and monsters, or so im told. i have never been.

the Eastern coast is a place of hidden treasures, so it is said. The dragons make their dwellings in the volcanic ranges here, as do the Men and Kobolds of Machanka with thier blood sacrifices and emperors.

And the Northern coast is ruled by pirate kings from Wakoku, and renegade merfolk who kill for pleasure, all at play amid the reefs and sandbanks.

In the heart of Ascar are many swamps, fed by the rivers of the mountains. they are home to Kotac, creatures similar to us yet monstrous in nature (though many warmbloods think of us the same) here the Black Dragons roam amid sorcerous tribes of humans who make the dead their clattering servants and at night cower from the chattering of tikbalangs and the poison of deadly Greatspiders.

south of these the plain of Cotyltic is looked over by the great plateau of Leng, said to be a cursed place. i hear of herds of lesser plant eating reptiles hunted by great Tyrannosaurs upon that plateau, and even tales of the legendary Tarrasque.

and North? jungles deeper than any thought possible, and mysteries broader than any man can fathom. all that is known is that dragonshrines are there, and hidden. perhaps in time they will be found? not yet, for any who disappear into that jungle are lost.

And that is the land i am from, my race began in and that none of you will come to if you have any sense. if you have none or are too drunk to have any, soon my ship will leave, and you can follow. You will see then with your own eyes, the Wonders of ascar in deadly detail.

~ attr. the famous Kobold bard KriKri the Handsome

Ascar, Realm of Dragons

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