Embers in the Wind

The Beginning Of The Grandest Of Adventures
The Chronicles Of The Heroes Of Sumeru

And so, the legend of those adventurers – names of whom we lend to our sons and daughters, and celebrate on the Day of Liberation, begins in a town so small and insignificant that before their arrival its name was barely known and as such will be mentioned only in passing. For reasons known only to themselves our heroes arrived in Willesdorf, and immediately found opportunity to do great good for the isolated and forgotten community. With no care for their differences in opinion on the tyrannical Church of Mythron, Not-Yet Ser-Julian of noble spirit, brave Dominic of honest strength, Diego: Jewel of Ramini, Krshn quick of mind and skill and Cleric Kimiko, wisest of the Kitsune took upon the gruelling task (far beneath their various capabilities) of escorting ferriers of documents whose importance can only be imagined to their destination of an outpost who’s name was deliberately removed from records due to its importance.

The church, treacherous and perfidious even then, saw our heroes for the strength they truly possessed and thought to curtail such potential disablers to their nefarious plans. They gifted to the most honourable paladin Fried cursed gifts, intended to warp their minds to loyalty, and to arouse no suspicion he took them. Kimiko wisest of them all saw through such deception and though she took the gift she would not wear it, and thought to keep careful eye on those who did. Julian, in defiance to the churches schemings wore his holy symbol with pride, placing his faith in the God Mythron and not the institution of liars. Both Diego and Dominic, aware of the unintended benefits of the gifts decided that they should be used in times of great peril, Diego donning his for the purpose of reaping its benefit, aware that their mission would be arduous and difficult, and Dominic sparing his for such time as it would be needed. Finally, clever Krshn tucked his away safely with the intent of further study, as he well knew a favoured gifted is a favour owed.

They spared no time lingering, knowing that theirs was a duty that must be undertaken immediately and rested not a moment before heading to Sighiem to intercept the mail wagon. It was there, on that lonesome journey that they encountered the girl known to us now as Young Caitlin. Kimiko, compassionate and kind halted on their journey to aid Young Caitlin, uncovering that she was bravely travelling alone to Sieghiem. Her charity compelled her to encourage Young Caitlin to travel with them, but Honest Dom expressed concerns. Such roads were dangerous, and their noble group were bound to attract attention from miscreants and vagabonds, travelling with them could but Young Caitlin in danger. But by looking at the girl it was clear that she had seen troubled times and passed through them safely, that she was strong and dependable, and that they would only benefit from such a person travelling with them. The great party agreed to escort her to town and in that moment she had joined them.

As they rested between their previous destination and Sieghiem around the camp there was much joviality and amazement, as they grew to know one another and the beginnings of great friendships and mutual respects were sown. As it grew late they divided the watches amongst them so that they could protect each other most efficiently. It was during the watch of Diego and Julian, brothers-in-arms, that they were alerted to a strange and wicked creature of unknown origin. Despite desperate attempts to save the man they were thwarted, and the Ice-Devil froze solid a hapless human that had wondered her way, and escaped before our heroes could bring the creature to vengeance. Upon exception they found a letter addressed by a nearby lord to the Ice-Witch, and Julian bravely and in keeping with his duty dug a grave for the man. When he was done, and while he was resting, Krshn and Kimiko watched over the camp. The trauma of the events, combined with their mighty intellect and wisdom, led them to the conclusion that a Sylvan Path may be near by. If the witch was of fae origin she would have passed through, and they may be able to find out more of the poor servants untimely death, so with a strength of few known only to them and their companions they gathered their reserves and went to investigate.


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