NPC: High Cenobite Jean-Luc Gilead

And He will strike the Earth with the fire of His gaze, and upon it slay the wicked.


The High Cenobite has been a prominent figure in Mythronian Church politics longer than anyone cares (or dares) to mention. He cuts an imposing figure despite his age – the years have not been kind to his physical appearance but he has not lost a great deal of his energy or presence. Deep voiced, tall and commanding (standing at nearly six foot one despite the stoop old age has gifted him), it is little wonder that when dressed in the full regalia of the High Cenobite office his every word is heard and acted upon.


The third son of a noble family hailing from the province of Marrainae, from the city of Lugoves, he left his family to become involved in the work of the church at a very young age. Never one for quiet placidity and meditation, he is known to be a very pro-active member of the Church of Mythron, who speaks with a deep voice and has a commanding presence. He is quite energetic for his age, continuing to take personal charge of numerous cenobite projects despite being at least sixty years old.

He is also by technicality the executor of his nephews estate due to the unfortunate and untimely deaths of his elder brothers, and his nephews’ state as sadly handicapped with lunacy. As of yet his grand-nephew is too young to inherit the estate, and will remain so for at least another five years.

Under his direction the Cenobite’s office has grown very powerful, with rumours that most church policy is decided by him before anyone else. How true that is is unclear, however it is certain that almost no-one would cross the Cenobites office less they be accused of heresy and conspiracy and investigated. Often these investigations find evidence of even more serious crimes than were originally intended, and unconfirmed rumours of extensive torture being utilised in such investigations have spread throughout the populace.

The High Cenobite therefore cuts a terrifying figure in the imaginations of those who know of him, and very few dare to do anything to attract his attention. It is known that his order has a rivalry with the Imperial Hand, but how deep and how problematic that rivalry is for either side or for the Empire is unknown.

NPC: High Cenobite Jean-Luc Gilead

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