Luna Lebel

" It's the middle of the day, I'm not suppose to be up this late"




Name: Luna Lebel
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5ft4”
Weight: 115lb
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Condition: Required – Restrained, incapacitated. Preferred – Alive
Bounty Hunter Approval: Yes
Free-Lance approval: Yes
Reward: Information available on request. Full reward will be based on the time spent, the resources used and the danger undertaken. Final sum will be negotiated on recite.
Please note price will be based on condition with low price range given for a body.
Note: Of great personal valve to employer.
Should be considered highly dangerous and extremely skilled. No collection of reward can be made on behalf of a dead recipient. No responsibility is taken for injury or death occurring.


Luna Lebel’s story started before she was born. In the small northern village of Aleysk, the local human lord (Lord Saltykov) sent out a paid request for any woman that could bear him a son, as during their marriage Lady Saltykov had only ever born him daughters, and was now past child bearing age.

Lord Saltykov promised the woman who could fulfill his desire a place amongst the minor nobility and the protection of his family name, and as such fifty women courted the Lord in hopes of an elevated position. By the end, only five of them became pregnant, and of them only two children survived full term and child birth.

During her pregnancy Luna’s mother was regaled with many gifts of fine make, but when her mother finally gave birth, revealing yet another daughter (and a now illegitimate child) her family were cast aside, pennilless as before with a newborn child to care for.
With no blood ties to the child her father developed no paternal bond, and was faced with the evidence of his wifes unfaithfulness daily, whilst her mother found herself constantly reminded of a mistake that cost her her marriage, her dignity, and what few possessions she had once had. The child was given no name and was neglected, unwanted and uncared for, and lived under the constant reminder of how her birth had ruined her parents life.

At around about the age of five, during one of her fathers drunken violent fights with her mother she took a heavy beating and lay verging on unconsciousness. What made this particular event so unusual was the tall dark haired fierce faced man who exploded through her parents front door, throwing her father aside with barely a flick of his hand. 5 she was beaten brutally blood everywhere until a man burst through the door and throw them off her with a force that seemed unnatural.

When she finally awoke, she was resting in a large bed with a man of fine clothes and noble disposition sat on the chair beside her bed. The man introduced himself as Mikheil Andronikashvili, childe of the local vampiric ruler Margrave Petrov Andronikashvili. The child was ordered to relate what of her tale she could, and his response was to take her in and gift her her name: Luna Lebel.

It was in the household of Mikheil Andronikashvili that Luna spent the next fifteen years. Her master was not a cruel man, and although he would drink from her never made any indication of wanting to cause her pain or of turning her immortal. Rapidly though, it became apparent that Luna was particularly perceptive, and unendingly loyal to her master and he began to mould her into his most useful tool.

At a suitable age he began to gift her to other vampires and a blood pet, with strict instructions for Luna to gather what information she could. At home, he began a strict regimen of training, everything from courtly manners to her most curious abilities with shadows and swordplay (usually himself personally, with a walking stick). No matter what occured in their lessons though, Mikheil was gentle and never hurt her or lost his patience with her.

Their relationship moved from one of parental concern to important co existence, and as Luna got older the child hood smiles and parental feeling she had towards her master faded and she became completely and utterly devoted to him.

Now 20 years old Luna was sent away by Mikheil to recieve information, and upon her return found her home in utter chaos. The servants avoided her as though she had the bell-plague, and the other members of the Andronikashvili household, including her master, were nowhere to be found. Taking it upon herself to discover the source of the chaos, Luna went to Margrave Petrov’s study – a place a master had made her infiltrate more times than she cared to remember, and listened in on a conversation that was never meant for her ears. Arch-duchess Katrine and Margrave Petrov discussed how her master had been stolen from his very home, and the involvement of a disgraced noble family, the Harrows. With her master gone, Luna knew the other Andronikashvili childe and indeed Petrov himself were unlikely to help her find him, and were more likely to try and harm her. She fled.

Now alone in a huge wide world that she has only ever seen through a carriage window at night, Luna is hunting for her master and running for her life.
Will she find him first or will the information she holds get her killed?

Luna Lebel

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