"For as I reap, we do sow, as I gather, we do gain. As you guide, so I follow."



Human: A short, slight oriental woman with long black hair and golden brown eyes, dressed in plain robes with an amulet of Kadmus at her throat.

Kitsune: A slightly taller fox-folk, with silver fur and golden eyes. She constantly wears the formal robes of Inari Priestesses, has three tails and just below her collar bone has a gate shaped marking.


Letter: Undated

At the time of writing we are readying ourselves to leave the Lost City - with a heavy heart, at least on my account, as we owe the Founders here great debts. Without this hidden sanctuary where we have rested and strengthened I fear the demons that chase us may well have caught us.

I myself find I am more regretful than most of our party to abandon the solitude and quiet order of this place. I have not disguised to you as I have to my master how fearful this world makes me, and my recent studies into where we are headed have only compounded this dread, Never have I seen or imagined, not even in the Faerie realms, such potential for such corruption that could reach so high. It is no wonder then that the civilians of Sumeru lead such chaotic lives - more so even than you!

Domonic has recovered well from his injuries. He now wields in favour of a fully restored limb a cumbersome, ungainly clamp that appears to be functionally useless save for beating things to death with, however this has not phased him any. I rue the day when something ever does phase him.

Mr Fried appears troubled, and I have no real means of easing his discomfort. His soul is discontent, hopefully our next destination - much as it strikes fear in me - will bring him a solace I find only at the temples and spending Summer evenings with you. I hope it brings him less heartache than remembering those days though.

Diego is as illusive as ever, though I have pierced the veil a little recently. I am curious as to why he still travels with us and what his motivations are, though I imagine the answers to those questions are barely known even to him. His nature off-sets the simmering pot that is the combination of Julian and Domonic though, so for fear of him leaving and letting that boil over I may just stay quiet.

I know, me remaining quiet over such a mystery. This place is certainly changing me!

Krshn is happy to be home and, I imagine, sad to leave. He reminds me of home very much, which is both a comfort and a pain. He is a good companion though, and a good friend. You would like him if you could meet him. (The rest of this world however would not like you both together!)

Caitlin is… Caitlin. Recent revelations concern me over her fate more than ever. Every progress I make with regards to encouraging a stable, normal life is upset by the tempest of events that follow her unerringly. I cannot go into details here, but I fear I will fail Inari’s command to protect the girl unless I can do something to even the balance soon. At the very least though I have ensured that should I succeed she will have a future and a purpose.

I’ve heard nothing from the faeries, and hope not to hear from them for some time - though I doubt I will be as fortunate for that to be the case. Nor have I heard any more about the kumiho. I take this as poor tidings, as should it have been found dead in that church I imagine there would have been word. It grieves me that it runs free still.

As for myself, I still wish more than ever to be home. The temple leader at the Lost City has stabalised my greater fears, and the itch has lessened considerably. Not having to transform for a while was liberating, and I am not greatly looking forward to returning to my human guise. My heart aches to see Erehwon again, to walk with you in the temple gardens and waste days away in the libraries.

How are mother and father? I trust you have been visiting and taking care of them as I asked? Next time you do, tell mother that from a city governed by ancient dragons I have found her the most beautiful fan for her collection. For father, I bartered as he taught me with a werewolf street-vendor, and have found him the most incredible pipe. But, he will just have to be patient to see why it is. I’ve a gift for you too, but you must also be patient. I’m hoping that my being away will help break your habit of pacing when you are impatient! (Whilst my curiosity has dampened, clearly my blind hope has not!)

I miss you. I love you. Do not forget me. Do not miss me too much. Do not get hurt whilst I cannot heal you! I will write again soon.

Your most loyal,

P.S. You better not have forgotten to feed Ryuu!


Like many Kitsune, Kimiko had never before left her homeland of Erehwon. As a kit she was particularly single minded and strong willed, her calling to the clerical orders of Inari were apparent to her long before they were apparent to anyone else.

She excelled at theological academia, happily devoting all of her time to studying the faith and lore of her homeland, and quickly landed a mentor-ship with the infamous clerical leader Eight-And-A-Half-Tails. At only twenty two she is a fully fledged cleric of Inari – particularly young for such a trained position.

Her mission in Sumeru is as much a mystery to her as anyone else, her mentor having asked her to go, travel and report on certain aspects of the Mythronian church – for what reason she does not know. This resulted in a quick placement in the order of Kadmus, a lesser deity not persecuted by the Church of Mythron, with the guise of attempting to uncover her true calling as a cleric of the God of Fire.

Like many kitsune she obsesses over the importance of order of the self and of society, and the search for and removal of chaotic influences on both. Unlike other kitsune however, she has a bizarre and somewhat macabre fascination with the kitsune phenomenon of the Kumiho, and does at any opportunity research as to their nature.

Aside from that, she is the only child of two honorable kitsune, and has a good respectful relationship with her parents regularly sending home money or gifts whenever she can. Otherwise she has no other family to speak of, not including Eight-And-A-Half-Tails who she regards as such, and lives along with her pet monitor lizard Ryuu, and has a romantic relationship with someone in the ninja orders – a relationship frowned upon due to differences of approach, but by no means forbidden.


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