Julian Freid

'We Stand Alone'


Third son and fifth child of Rufus Freid, Lord of the Crossing and Count of the Rivermarch.
Level 5 Warrior of the Holy Light.
Paladin of Mythron the Unconquered Sun.


As the third son of a noble house, Julian’s life was always to be pledged to the church, in keeping with the noble traditions of The Holy Empire. The first few years of his life were spent in the same fashion as his other siblings. His eldest brother Gaius, for the short time before he left The Crossing to marry Elizabeth Duval, often lectured him on the topics of leadership by spinning tales of knights and lords winning glorious battles. His second oldest brother, Domitianus, spent most of his time in the training yard, where he humoured Julian and taught him harsh lesson after harsh lesson. Julian’s eldest sister, Caelia, also left The Crossing to marry when Julian was quite young. The two of them were never particularly close.

Julian formed a stronger connection with Drusilla, his second eldest sister, to whom Julian was closest in age. When Julian was six years old, he struggled with basic sums and spelling, much to the disappointment of his father, Rufus. When confronted with a strict new learning schedule to combat his failures, Julian protested, insulting both his father and teacher to their faces. This sent Lord Rufus into one of his rages, and Julian was punished. Locked in his room with no food and only stacks of sums and spelling exercises to keep him company, and with his face still stinging from his father’s wrath, Drusilla came to his rescue. She charmed her way past the guard at Julian’s door and spent the night helping him to learn. With her help, Julian was eventually able to overcome his mental failures and was forgiven by his teacher and Lord Father. This is one of Julian’s fondest childhood memories.

However, Julian’s path began to diverge from that of his siblings when he reached the age of seven. Where many boys his age began duties as a Page, Julian was assigned his own personal priest representing the Pantheon of the Sun. As Julian’s faith grew, he began to see less and less of his brothers and sisters over the years. Eventually he felt entirely estranged from his lordly warrior brothers and even from Drusilla, who did not share his faith. Instead, Julian’s time was mostly shared between his priests and his father, who battled secretly over where Julian’s duty truly lay. Lord Rufus would often instruct Julian to skip his lessons in order to join him while he tended to many lordly matters of The Crossing. During this time he would often impress upon Julian the importance of family, and that he was a Freid first, and a man of the gods second.

Julian Freid

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