NPC: Hyperion Solarii

One of the Lost Cities Founders, Mentor of Krshn


Silver_Dragon_1.jpgThis world is old and young and small and big. who knows what you might find in it, Krshn. but promise me you will not endanger yourself too quickly?

Hyperion is an adult male silver dragon who is a powerful wizard and widely read scholar of the natural world. a mindset more scientific than many of his fellow scholars lends the dragon to having a wider worldview and a willingness to experiment to gain new knowledge about the world he lives in.


Being an adult dragon he has access to hundreds of years of experience and has spent hundreds of years travelling the world and seeing it in detail. He has become one of the group that founded the Lost City a truely multicultural society that endeavors to be progressive (though it is still extremely flawed). It is known that during his previous life he became embroiled with a white dragon known as the White Demon and the two have fought intensely, bitterly and without end since a incident where Hyperion, much younger, was endeavoring to protect a Kobold temple from the white dragon, and ended up killing his enemies mate.

It is know that the rivalry had dire consequences for both sides in the subsequent centuries, and for many others; it is known that the White Demon destroyed a kobold village, butchering the inhabitants, including the parents of Hyperion’s later student, Dkrshn N’kai.

Recently, Hyperion took on a new apprentice in the form of the enigma caitlin and her curious powers. Powers that concern him so much he was driven to demand assistance from the god Bahamut himself, an act which has taken its toll on him more than he cares to admit.

NPC: Hyperion Solarii

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