NPC: General Wilhelm Takarian

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General Takarian is known for his strategy and talent at war, his skill with logistics and his ability to rally men to his side. he rides a magnificent horse when at war, and has been attributed with the slaying of great enemies in battle. he carries with him the Imperial Banner, a personal gift of the Emperor, with which he brings great strength to his men.


General Takharian is a difficult man to find information on, but it is believed he worked as a mercenary before becoming a part of the imperial army. He joined the imperial army at a fairly young age, knowing already how to fight. Implying then that he may have been fighting for money at an age as young as sixteen. His parentage is unknown, but in the decades since joining the Imperial Army he has proven himself time and again in the near constant skirmishes that the army has to engage in. He is known for preferring to fight from horse-back, and possesses a black stallion which he has named White. No-one has seen fit to question him on this name choice, or possibly everyone is too scared to do so.

The Emperor chose to elevate general Takharian away from the army and into the Imperial Guard seemingly to quell his political power, at least that was the rumour at the time – a rumour that was proved shockingly false by the Imperial Guard being transformed. Many of the Guard’s older regiments remain in the same (essentially ceremonial) positions they began with. But Takharian has introduced a second layer to the Guard that has, in essence, rebuilt the entire force from the base up. He has turned the guard from ceremonial knights on horseback in elaborate armour into a legion of dedicated lancers and cavaliers with at least one regiment of horse-back archers, a rare sight in the Imperial Army commonly seen as a “heathen easterner” strategy, however no-one can deny their effectiveness.

In addition, General Takharian is known as a man who maintains strong connections to the Imperial Hand and is rumoured to possess running throughout the Capital and possibly beyond a network of informants and spies – especially amongst the homeless and the destitute. This activity has earned him the attention of several powerful spy-masters , including the black Dragon of the Lost City, Melchior, with whom he shares a particularly vicious rivalry. Many of boths agents have ended up dead as a result of this rivalry, so both have ceased sending agents against each other for now.

NPC: General Wilhelm Takarian

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