NPC: Empress Svetlana Barbarossa nee Novy-Rurik

The Empress does what she wants, when she wants.


The Empress is a red haired woman who is chronologically in her late thirties and yet seems to look younger, with surprisingly pale skin and red hair. she is knonw to be an intelligent and graceful woman with little time or patience for sycophancy and a shrewd sense for politics. she stands at 5’’7’’ and seems to be neither overtly strong nor overtly fragile, and has no official weapons training.


Little is known about Empress Svetlana, and she remains an enigma to most courtiers. she seems to be very cunning and hard to pin down. she spends most of her time engaged in the complex interplay of background politics, positively enjoying the scandals of court. her approach is more sanguine than her husband, yet her temper is also somewhat firery, requiring that sometimes she be pulled back from a course by her husband or her mother, the Lady Archduchess of Rus Catherine Novy-Rurik.

NPC: Empress Svetlana Barbarossa nee Novy-Rurik

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