NPC: Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

The Emperor of all he surveys


The emperor is a near to middle aged man in his thirties, who is loosing the bright colour from his once flame red hair. he is 6’5’’, well built and taciturn in nature, known for his capable negotiation ability and distant style of ruling, preferring to let subordinates deal with problems quietly and maintaining an ordered and cool appearance of complete authority.


The emperor was unable to take power from his father immediately on his fathers death as he had not yet come of age, so his Uncle took over as Regent. during this time, the ill will built up by Emperor Charles among his nobility caused major stirrings of resentment, and the Archdukes struggled to keep their provinces in line. when the Emperor claimed the throne from his Uncle and had him arrested, Duke Brannenburg took advantage of the chaos to start an uprising. unfortunately for the duke, the Emperor managed to subvert Brannenburg’s allies and the dukes support collapsed like a house of cards, resulting in his rebellion being crushed and the duke himself being executed in private by beheading.

Since that day the Emperor has worked to maintain the order of his court through more subtle means than his uncle or father, and as a consequence traitors have been routed out by the Imperial hand and the cenobites and removed after a trial. The Emperor has also chosen to reinstate the office of Imperial Archmage and granted it to a powerful wizard named Kallisti, giving the throne some much needed magical support.

In addition to that change, he promoted Wilhelm Takarian to the position of the General of the Imperial guard. This position, though usually seeming useless, has been slowly transformed by the general to one to be feared.

The Emperor has maintained an interesting tie to the church through negotiation with the Cenobite Office, and Jean Luc Gilead the High Cenobite. this relationship, though known about, is very, very vague. All that is known is that no one beneath them knows the full details, and perhaps no one ever will.

As for the Imperial family, the Emperor is married to Svetlana Novy-Rurik of house Novy-Rurik, an ancient line from the Rus region of the Empire. This marriage has produced a pair of children, an elder son and younger daughter named Crown Prince Nikolai and Princess Irina. the strong ties to Novy-Rurik that this has generated has caused stirs among the nobles, especial since Novy-Rurik controls the metal trade with the dwarves of Cazadah making them an important (and dangerous) family, plus the dark and obviously ludicrous rumors of vampire ancestry and practice among the nobles of Rus.

NPC: Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

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