Caitlin Laurent

The child blessed with burdens


Age: 12 (looks ten or eleven)
Birthday: March 22 (proper calendar date TBA)
Appearance: pale skin, hazel (mostly gray) eyes, brown hair cut short, 4’9”, slim, 80 lbs



Caitlin was born to minor landowners with aspirations for upward mobility. They had originally planned to have many children and marry them to as many lords’ children as could be arranged but after Caitlin’s difficult birth, her mother could bear no other children. As such, all of her parents designs fell to Caitlin.

Growing up she was constantly reminded of her parents’ expectations of her. About a year ago she was betrothed to the Duke Duval’s younger son, Jaques. Following this betrothal her parents became even more demanding of perfection in everything she did, cooking, sewing, dancing, even something as simple as a curtsy must be without fault. Her father would threaten to throw her out on the streets and let her starve in the gutter when she displeased him and so Caitlin hid a little bag with a few coins, a change of clothes, two of her favorite books, and some fabric, hoping that if he did throw her out she could find another place to call home and perhaps start life again as a seamstress’ apprentice.

When Caitlin was making lunch for her parents one day when her father was already in a foul mood she dropped and broke a cup. Her father flew into a rage and struck her when suddenly a tall golden figure appeared and attacked him for the briefest moment before disappearing. At this he became even angrier, fastening his hands around Caitlin’s throat and threw her out of the house, telling her to never darken his doorstep with her devilish ways again.

Caitlin Laurent

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