NPC: Archmage Kallisti

I know a little secret....


Kallisti is a strange figure, tanding at little over 5’6’’ always wearing bright clothing that seems to be capable of shielding him as well as any armor shields a knight, both physically and from scrutiny at court. his style is outrageous and multi-coloured, and he wares face paint regularly as if he were a jester. he is feared for his powers and seems to be exceptionally skilled with transmutation, making a mockery of most opponents should he duel them. He has also been the first Archmage in recorded history to set up a school of magic in the capital (admittedly there have been few Archmages) this is in order to give himself loyal students.


Made here for me a place of power
with four white walls and copper towers
Mine the windows, eves and bowers
In which your dreaming comes to flower
~ attr. Archmage Kallisti

The mysterious creature called Kallisti became the Imperial Archmage by appointment to the position shortly after emperor Frederick ascended the throne. The Emperor reinstated the position of Archmage which had not been filled for a long time in order to correct another of the many weaknesses of the decaying power of the Empire he felt it was his duty to correct.

Since his elevation the Archmage has been a divisive and terrifying figure in the court, not caring if anyone laughed at his clothing, yet viciously flattening any direct challenges to himself. He almost certainly has the emperors ear on all things magical and as such has allowed his encouragement of certain imperial policies such as the one banning all magical study save clerical and wizardly studies and requiring all sorcerers discovered be sent to his school.

To those in the know, there are very few wizards in Imperial territory who could match Kallisti but they do exist (though most of them stay out of the way, keeping a low profile or are wrapped up in their own affairs) so his appointment to the position directly without consideration of the other options raises political alarm bells, but since the only people who know are the Emperor and the mage, no one is quite sure what deal was struck.

Despite he questions around his position and the nature of his advice nobody dares to challenge his power, as during an intense and violent confrontation between him and his old rival the witch Marianne the Beatrix most of a fortified house and its rose gardens where destroyed.

NPC: Archmage Kallisti

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